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  • Venue: Ukraine, Kyiv

The international festival WOW DONE AWARDS is to be held for the first time on March, 19-20 in Kyiv. WOW DONE AWARDS is a new festival of all kinds of non-media marketing communications.

The Festival consists of two contest sections:

  • Marketing Disciplines: the best solution in the marketing section. It includes such categories as Experiential Marketing, Promo & Activation (incl. Shopper Marketing), Direct Marketing, Digital Marketing, (incl. Mobile), Social Marketing, PR communications etc.
    The Jury consists of creative agencies specialists. The emphasis is on the creativity.
  • Industry verticals: the best solution in the industry section. It includes such categories as Telecom, Financial services, Alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages, Consumer Products etc. Jury consists of clients' representatives and communication agencies’ representatives (strategic and client services directors, CEOs etc). The emphasis is on the results and creativity.

Each section includes 12 categories.
The judging process will be held online.
All jury members work independently.

Two panels of awarded and respected creative leaders independently of each other evaluate all entries according to festival sections.

The first panel of international jury will be formed of creative agencies specialists. They award the most creative projects.

The second panel is made up of advertisers and chief officers of communication agencies. They evaluate industrial vertical of contest, and award originality of communication solution as well as effectiveness.

The entries are scored on a 1-100 scale. And in summary each entry receives the average point. All points will be published on the festival site. That is each entrant will know not only the winners but also the results of each entry.

All entry rules are/have been? adapted to the top international festivals. However entry fee is only 10-20% of average price of similar entry to other International festivals. This is a somewhat «test-drive» or «crash-test» for entrants' projects before decision to participate in other top contests.

Entries open from 15 January 2015.
Dead-line is 20 February 2015.
Festival takes place on March 19-20, 2015.

The winners will be presented at the Award Ceremony to be held on the 20th March 2015 in Kyiv.

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